A MENTAL health charity in Newcastle Emlyn is offering a new service developed to help people during the coronavirus lockdown and possibly beyond.

HUTS Workshop has been helping people with poor mental health for over 25 years offering socialisation and relaxed conversation while experiencing a variety of arts and craft activities at the workshop based at Teifi Terrace, in Adpar.

In the last five years, HUTS has also offered a home befriending service within South Ceredigion, where a trained volunteer meets a person in their own home with a view to encouraging re-engagement with their local community as well as a listening ear.

The essence of both of these services was that people met people.

They sat side by side, chatted over a cuppa and enjoyed each other's company. Now, due to the current situation, HUTS has had to change what it provides and has just launched a telephone call back and chat service for anyone who feels lonely and needs a friendly conversation.

“We all know that loneliness and isolation can lead to people developing physical illnesses and the sense of loneliness is heightened at the moment with people being asked to stay at home,” said a HUTS spokesperson.

“Unlike the Workshop and befriending services, which are referral only, the new telephone service is available to anyone over 18 who lives within Ceredigion, Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire.

“HUTS can offer information on a variety of subjects, signpost to other organisations where the help is beyond HUTS' scope as well as suggest links to other support networks in their area.

“It is entirely possible that you just want to talk about the weather or your favourite TV programme. The reason to talk to someone at HUTS is up to you.

“The main objective is hopefully to reduce the feeling of loneliness and isolation and to encourage as positive a state of mind as possible.”

If you would like to receive a call back, simply ring 01239 710377, to log your interest. HUTS will arrange for you to be called back by one of the team.

The service will operate between 10am and 2pm Monday to Friday. This confidential call back service is free, other than the cost of the call you make if applicable.