A ST Dogmaels B&B which usually offers a warm welcome to walkers has had to deal with some unexpected visitors.

A swarm of honey bees unexpectedly made their home in a chimney at Argo Villa but now the non-paying guests have been carefully removed and found a safe new home.

“They turned up late in the autumn and when taken out they only had a couple of tablespoons of honey left to survive,” said B&B owner Gill Wislocka.

“We had no idea how to deal with them so we rang the Teifi Bee Association and they were able to recommend Mike Bates at Dyfed Chimneys and Emily Skeet from Cinnabar Chimney Sweeping and they did a fantastic job as our chimney stack is 11 metres high.

“A lot of people would try to kill the bees with smoke and fumes but the honey stays there and continues to attract other bees and wasps but now the chimney has been properly cleaned out and there won’t be any problems in the future.

“And the important thing is the bees were absolutely fine and have been found a new home.”

And just to be on the safe side and to prevent any further unwelcome guests, the chimney pots at Argo Villa have now been fitted with wire mesh inserts.