THE idea of setting up its own Facebook account has left some members of Newcastle Emlyn Town Council feeling very uneasy.

Cllr Jayne Ludgate has recently led a revamp of the town council’s website but now feels the time is right to also set up a Facebook site to get more information out to the local community.

“The website is much better but I feel that it is also important we now have a Facebook site as so many more people will access that, rather than go to the website,” said Cllr Ludgate.

“When I have been going around local businesses who are on our website directory, they raised the lack of communication in the town. I feel that it is important we now have a social media presence.

“I think we need to be communicating better as we have little coming through for our events page.”

Cllr Alan Davies agreed, saying: “Most people and organisations now use Facebook for information. People are going to websites less and less.”

Cllr Maureen Webley raised the issue of the waste amnesty being held in the town.

“Do people know about it?” she asked. I “know we advertise it but I feel that there is a generation out there that do not read newspapers and look to their phones.”

Cllr Hazel Evans asked who would be responsible for monitoring the site and feared it could be open to abuse.

“It would have to be closely monitored daily or we could find ourselves in serious trouble with people posting comments on it,” said Cllr Evans.

“It would not be fair for one person to have to do this. I think we need legal advice on this.”

Councillors agreed to contact Carmarthenshire County Council for further advice.