THE removal of the recycling bins at St Dogmaels could lead to an increase in fly-tipping.

That is the fear of Pembrokeshire county councillor Mike James who is trying to get the council to reinstate them at the High Street car park.

“The way the county collects its waste has changed and it now argues that there is no need for the recycling point in the village as it now collects everything under the new system,” said Cllr James.

“However, I feat that their removal will lead to an increase in fly-tipping and there is still a need for such a site in the village.

“The council also argues that the site was previously misused with people just dumping any rubbish there.

“If I can get them reinstated and people do misuse the site, then we do not have a leg to stand on. The bins were placed there for recycling and recycling only and not for people to dump any old rubbish.”