A ‘JOKE’ about shooting planning officers did not go down well at Ceredigion’s planning committee on Wednesday (February 12).

Cllr Lyndon Lloyd referred to people “wishing to shoot planning officers” during a discussion about an application for a rural enterprise including a firearms store for field sports.

Chairman of the democratic services committee Cllr Ceredig Davies called on Cllr Lloyd to apologise, acknowledging that he knew it was “tongue in cheek” but he saw the faces of officers as it was said.

Cllr Lloyd said it was a joke and there was “nothing malicious about it,” accusing Cllr Davies of being too sensitive and adding “robust debate” was permitted.

Development committee chairman Cllr Bryan Davies, said he knew there was no malice but “we have to be careful these days in how things are conveyed, it’s more than robust debate.”

The application for a firearms store, Christmas tree growing, honey production and associated home near Llangoedmor was deferred for a site visit.

Planning officers state that the retail store forms the main part of the business proposal but is not considered to qualify as a rural enterprise under TAN 6 policies.

There had been arguments from some councillors, including Cllr Lloyd, that the store would serve the rural community and did meet planning policies.

The creation of a new business was also supported.

A site inspection panel will examine highways concerns more closely and also look at the viability of the business proposed.