CAN you help a Cardigan shopkeeper find her missing cat?

The ceramic cat has been stolen from outside The Blue Boat Vintage, Antique Gift Shop & Art Studio on St Mary Street in the town and owner Jennifer Hawkyard would like him back.

Posting on Facebook, Jennifer said: “Well, I knew this day would come... frankly I'm surprised it didn't come sooner but my cat has gone missing!

“He's normally so reliable, really not a very active cat and so low maintenance and easy to keep - which makes me suspect that someone has stolen him, as he really wouldn't have put up much of a fight.

“He's heavy though, I mean, really heavy. He won't come when he's called, but he won't move either, so feel free to approach him. So if you see him, sitting in front of a doorstep, or looming from the end of a building, please let me know. I'd love to have him back.

“Feel free to return in the dead of night. I won’t judge you.”

But on a more serious note, the gargoyle cat holds a special place in Jennifer’s affections.

“I created it in secondary school as part of my A-Level art project and he has been with me for a long, long time all around the country,” said Jennifer.

“He was based on our family cat Pancho and gargoyles, see if you see him sitting on a roof somewhere, please return him.

“It’s been lovely to have him sitting outside the shop and it’s such a shame that someone has taken him but hopefully he’ll come home. Let's get this cat found.”

Cardigan police are investigating the theft.