RUBBISH is once again being dumped at the recycling bins at Newcastle Emlyn.

Cllr Hazel Evans raised the issue at a meeting of the town council, saying it had been particularly bad at the Mart car park site over the last few weeks.

“I have asked the county council to send down a mobile camera to monitor the area,” said Cllr Evans.

“It’s very sad that people have to do this because when people park near there it gives such a bad impression of the town. Blue and black bags have just been dumped there, along with electrical goods.”

It is hoped that council officials will in future be able to identify anyone fly-tipping by examining the contents of the bags.

The dangerous state of the main recycling bank next to the children’s play area at King George V playing fields was only recently highlighted in the Tivyside.

Broken glass and other rubbish has frequently been left strewn around the area.

Cllr Philip Hughes, Carmarthenshire's executive board member for enforcement, said: “Leaving waste on the ground at a recycling site is classed as fly tipping and therefore a crime – there is plenty of signage at our recycling sites advising people of this.

“Our enforcement officers can serve people with a fixed penalty notice of up to £350 for fly tipping, even if it is a small amount of waste.

“When people have complete disregard for their environment, communities and fellow residents, we will not hesitate to issue fixed penalty notices. There really isn’t any excuse to dump rubbish and expect someone else to clear it up.”