CARDIGAN Amateur Boxing Club is celebrating a double cash boost which will enable them to extend their cramped headquarters.

The club, based in a back lane off Maesyrhaf, is planning a new gym extension with dedicated sparring ring and extra training space after landing a £48,000 cash windfall.

Secretary Gareth Davies revealed the club had benefited from Sport Wales's Capital Development Grant and Ceredigion County Council's Community Grant Scheme.

The money is towards the purchase of an adjoining plot of land, the cost of an extension and a new ring.

The project is forecast to cost close to £57,000, with the club attempting to matchfund any shortfall.

“The chance to acquire and develop this area was an opportunity the club could not let pass by, allowing us to add 30 per cent to our floor space,” said Mr Davies.

“We have over the years suffered from a desperate lack of space for what is a thriving, successful little club.

“It has been an asset to the town, giving opportunities and an outlet to the youth of the area, gaining numerous Welsh honours.

“Despite its humble resources it has punched above its weight and gained a strong reputation in Welsh amateur boxing circles.”

Cardigan ABC head coach Guy Croft was 'delighted' at the news.

“The extension will give us more space during busy periods which happen in bursts throughout the season,” he said.

“Unfortunately, competitive boxers can get neglected at busy times as their ring time gets shortened.”

Guy, whose 18-year-old twin sons Ioan and Garan are among Welsh boxing's brightest prospects, said boxing was 'a great personal discipline' for young people.

“To progress in boxing requires a strong will and dedication which will stand them in good stead for other challenges ahead in life,” he added.

Chairman Mike Lewis, the father of four Cardi boxers, said the new extension would help develop untapped local talent.

“The restricted size of the current gym means we have, quite literally, been fighting with one hand tied behind our backs,” he said.

“What Ioan and Garan are achieving on the national and international stage is fantastic – now we want to find more kids like them.”