A LEADING international instructor now living in Cardigan has come up with a novel way for those looking to take their fitness to the next level or simply get back in shape.

Joey Bull, a four-times UK Fitness Champion, GB adventure racer and classically-trained dancer, has now moved to Llangoedmor where she has built an exercise and dance studio in the grounds of her new home.

And to complement that, the 53-year-old mum of two has also devised an extensive woodland workout trail which follows the course of a stream, complete with exercise stations built into the surrounding terrain.

West Wales might seem a long way from her previous home in the Swiss Alps, but Joey could not be happier in her new surroundings though it has all happened rather quicker than she imagined.

“I have met a new partner who lives here – between us we have seven children so it’s all a bit hectic at the moment - and the idea to do all this was only born in April,” said Joey, who has written a book on fitness and has nine workout DVDs selling worldwide.

Training all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities, Joey combines her knowledge of health, fitness and conditioning with a love of the outdoors – hence the outdoor workout trail, where clients can exercise both the body and the mind.

“Where possible I do away with the conventional indoor workout, replacing weight and cardio routines with various activities from climbing to dance and gymnastics,” said Joey.

“The outdoor workout trail is an extension of that. Who would not want to be out in the stunning Welsh countryside?

“I am thoroughly enjoying being part of the community and am looking to offer a whole raft of activities to improve people’s wellbeing, fitness and overall health.”

For more information or to contact Joey, go to joeybull.com