WITH regard to the letter by Richard Sayce, regarding the seismic survey in Cardigan Bay (Letters, June 11), I fail to see any correlation between that and nuclear waste.

The cancelled survey was surely part of the search for deposits of oil and gas below the sea bed, which could have caused great damage to Welsh sea life.

Regarding nuclear waste—this is never dumped willy nilly. Even low level nuclear waste is subject to very strict regulations regarding its storage and disposal.

Number one favourite could be the many, very deep, abandoned coal mines, mostly in the North of England, but all under strict control.

I have experience on this subject, having spent some years at Windscale Works at Sellafield, in Cumberland, which, in the 1950s was the centre of development and production in the atomic energy world, with the adjacent Calder Hall being the first atomic power station.

Uninformed scaremongering is surely not the best method to make a point.

John Armstrong