ON Monday morning an extremely professional advertising promotion appeared in my in-box.

‘Come to Wales’ was the message, which went on to show all aspects of a holiday in Wales - the castles, countryside, sports facilities, beaches all accompanied by many enticing photographs.

Well done Welsh Tourism I thought. Nice to see a government department getting it right.

But the following morning when my copy of the Tivyside was delivered the headline read

‘Tourism down pan if we lose Blue Flag beach loos’

(June 25).

Do departments speak one to another or, if they do, does anyone listen?

The tourism advert was spot on, but its message is only half the truth, the upside.

The downside of coming to holiday in Wales is determined by local authorities and county councils who are not supporting what central government’s tourism department is trying to do.

Empty shops, sky-high parking charges and the absence of facilities is sounding the death knell to Cardigan and similarly-sized towns throughout Wales.

Has there ever been a strategic plan for Welsh tourism, and have all government bodies and county councils signed up to it?

If not, why not?

It matters.

Sheila Taylor