THE idea of Welsh independence was discussed at a meeting of the YesCymru campaign in Cardigan.

Around 30 people turned up at the Fisherman’s Rest at Quay Street to hear YesCymru chairman Sion Jobbins put forward the arguments for an independent Wales.

Mrs Jobbins was keen to stress that YesCymru, launched in 2016, is a non-party campaign, open to people of any political persuasion.

“We are not party political. Our aim is to further the cause and the arguments for Welsh independence and get the arguments out into the wider community,” he said.

“I believe we will be better off without Westminster and nothing I have seen in the last three years has changed my mind.

“There has been huge investment centred towards London to the detriment of other parts of the country and independence would give us the choices we don’t have at the moment.

“We feel Wales is being taken for granted, ignored or even laughed at and we need to channel that in a positive way. We have to be the movement of hope, not anger.

“Wales can be economically viable and a successful country in its own right and YesCymru wants to put the arguments out there to people and make them aware of what is possible.

“It is all about getting people to start having the conversation about an independent Wales. We have to win people over and not point fingers.”

YesCymru has drawn up a 10-point plan arguing for independence.

“We are a big enough nation and we have the talent, creativity and the resources to stand on our own two feet and it’s time for Wales to step up,” added Mr Jobbings.

Further meetings in Cardigan are now being planned, along with a leaflet drop to households in the town outline the case for Welsh independence.