CONCERNS have been raised at the speed of tractors and trailers racing through the centre of Newcastle Emlyn.

Cllr Kelvin Baker raised the issue at a meeting of the town council as he called on the drivers to slow down.

“I know it is a busy time of year for them but they are just going too fast,” said Cllr Baker.

“The other day I saw a tractor and trailer go up on to the pavement and go along for quite a few yards. If there had been any pedestrians in the way goodness knows what could have happened.

“They need to show a bit more sense and slow down a bit. They’re that big that if they hit a car they will go right over the top of it and they don’t see the danger.

“There is a 20mph speed limit through town, the road is so narrow and there could be a serious accident.

“Not only that, if they are going that fast all the stuff blows out of the trailers as well. The cleaner does a great job trying to keep the town clean and then that happens.”

As if to emphasise the point, three tractors with trailers in tow then roared past the window of the Cawdor Hall where the meeting was taking place.

PCSO Jeff Kedward said he would keep an eye on the situation and speak to local contractors.