THE long-running saga of the Maesglas play area could finally be coming to an end.

Plans have been drawn up by Tai Ceredigion to build two disabled bungalows on garages currently on the site, while the town council will take on the lease of the play area.

Tai Ceredigion’s Llyr Edwards presented an outline of the housing associations proposals – which will need planning permission from Ceredigion County Council - at May’s meeting of Cardigan Town Council.

“Over the years I think everyone is aware of the site and the solution we have come up with is a compromise as we look to work with the council and the local community to develop two disabled bungalows for local people by demolishing some of the existing garages at the site,” said Mr Edwards.

“We are confident we can allocate the bungalows to local people. We have no plans for further buildings and there would be a lease on the play area for 30 years.”

Councillors welcomed the plans but Cllr Shan Williams asked if it was possible to have a longer lease than 30 years.

“Thirty years may sound a long time but is actually not that long for a lease,” she said.

Cllr Clive Davies added that for the purposes of securing any Lottery funding to develop the play area, a longer lease would be preferable.

Mayor of Cardigan Cllr John Adams-Lewis said: “We accept the two bungalows and our only concern is that we would like a longer lease.

“The sooner the better we can move forward with this. We are missing out on potential grants and there is a real need for this in Maesglas.”

The North Cardigan Action and Support Group has long been campaigning to reinstate the playground for local children.