CONCERNS have been raised over the state of the River Teifi at Cenarth with the main holiday season fast approaching.

A local resident, who does not want to be named, contacted the Tivyside to complain about the debris – including a wooden pallet and trees - that has not been cleared since Storm Callum and the devastating flooding that struck back in October last year.

“There is still debris lodged in the islands below the falls and while the surrounding banks have finally been cleared up, it still does not look great,” she said.

“We are meant to be promoting tourism and attracting visitors and this does not give a good impression. It looks a mess. I have spoken to a few other people and they feel the same.

“There is also still rubbish on the river banks further downstream that can be seen from the road.”

A spokesman for Natural Resources Wales said: “With regards to Cenarth, we do not have any arrangements or agreements in place to remove debris from the river.

“We carry out this activity in Llechryd as the site is classified as a ‘primary response site’ and we work in partnership with Ceredigion County Council to deliver this work.

“The situation in Cenarth is not one we get involved with as the debris on the island does not pose a serious flood risk in that it will stop or divert the flow of the river into properties or onto roads.

“There is also a responsibility on the landowner to keep and maintain their land in good condition. In some cases this is referred to as riparian ownership.”