THE dangerous state of the pavements in Newcastle Emlyn has been highlighted.

Cllr Peter Lewis told a meeting of the town council that two people had been in touch with him after tripping in the town on the uneven surfaces.

“We have a problem with lorries driving over the pavements to get past one another,” he said.

“It’s particularly bad on the corner outside Harrisons and it’s happening all the time. Would tarmac be better than paving slabs?

“The slabs are put in to carry pedestrians, not lorries. I just keep thinking of the cost with lorries going over it and then having to do it all over again. I think the county council need to come and inspect the whole lot through town as I also think there's a problem up by the Co-op.”

Cllr Allan Davies said it was not just lorries that were causing the problem, but also drivers “happily” parking their cars on the pavement, which also prevented pedestrians from getting through.

Cllr Alan Jones said: “We have a major problem. We did have steel bollards around this building (Cawdor Hall). Perhaps something like that could be put in.”

The concerns have been passed on to highway officials at Carmarthenshire County Council.