WELL-known sand artist Marc Treanor and a group of locals gathered on Mwnt beach and Poppit Sands recently to make a bold statement in support of climate change actions in London, Bristol and Cardiff.

By drawing the logo of the Extinction Rebellion movement in the sand they hoped to demonstrate local support for the campaign.

St Dogmaels resident Andy Triggs was one of those involved and said: “We wanted to show our support for what was going on elsewhere.

“I really think it is perfect timing for a movement like this and there is a great appetite for it. People are crying out for something to be done as it becomes very apparent that things are not going very well for our planet or society in terms of climate change.”

A striking image of a sand timer was drawn on both Mwnt and Poppit Sands beaches and people walked through the drawing to represent how time is running out to take action.

“Hopefully, this will help raise awareness before it’s too late to do anything about it,” added Andy.

Cllr Clive Davies, who visited the gathering at Poppit, said: "I hope what you did at Poppit can make people realise the seriousness of the situation for the next generation.”

The Extinction Rebellion movement is demanding the UK government admit the truth about our planet’s ecological emergency, have 0% net CO2 emissions by 2025, reverse policies inconsistent with addressing climate change and create a Citizen’s Assembly to oversee the changes required.

The recent ‘Rebellion Day’ in London saw more than 6,000 peaceful protesters close five Central London bridges for much of the day, then move to Parliament Square for a closing ceremony and tree planting.

Further actions are planned throughout the coming year and next until the government listens to the science and people’s concerns.