A NEW support group has been launched in Ceredigion following the devastation of Storm Callum amid claims the county council is not doing enough to help.

Ceredigion Flood Survivors’ Action and Support Group has been set up after homes and businesses were hit along the length of the Teifi Valley.

Spokesperson Helen Jones, from Llechryd and herself a victim of the flooding, said: “Most people have no idea of the sheer number of households that have been affected.

“We have started this action group to support each other on Facebook and to raise political and ecological issues around the occurrence of the floods and also as a response to the lack of action by the county council.

“There seems to be no emergency accommodation in the south of the county at all, and no funding has been released from the contingency fund, which we know contains over £281,000 and is specifically earmarked for emergencies such as this.”

Ms Jones said she has been struggling to find alternative accommodation and has been critical of Ceredigion response in the aftermath of the floods.

She said: “Many people have been left dealing with the after-effects of the flood with no help from the council at all. The response was lacking in terms of rescue provision during the disaster and any kind of follow-up care for the victims afterwards.

“With so much competition, every time I ring about a place it has just been let. Surely the council could be doing more to help all these people now registered as homeless?

“We have started a petition to allow residents access to the council’s emergency planning. We hope our group will be included in future planning for emergencies such as this, so that when something similar happens again, which it could any day, others may benefit from our experience and not have to suffer as much as we have.”

Ceredigion County Council chief executive Mr Eifion Evans said, “Council staff went above and beyond their duties over the weekend of the floods. I saw their efforts with my own eyes.

“I have also been impressed by the huge efforts made by communities to help each other during, and in the aftermath of the flooding.”

Everyone who has been in touch with the council has been offered help with housing, including being offered emergency temporary accommodation where needed. The housing team has worked with local landlords and B&B owners to provide additional accommodation, and to provide ongoing support for people who have been affected by the flood.

Mr Evans added: “The council is dedicated to helping our residents recover from the devastating effects of the recent floods. I understand that the impact is still very raw for people who have been affected, especially those who have been made homeless.

“I want to reassure every resident that our committed staff are working hard to help you. Despite severe pressure on council budgets, we will do everything in our power to continue to offer practical help to residents.”