NEWCASTLE Emlyn town councillors are to ask the county council to think again about the proposed closure of the Mart public toilets.

The toilets, which are run by Carmarthenshire County Council, will close for the winter on November 4.

However, the town council is to now ask if just the disabled unit can be kept open for everyone to use as it is such an important facility next to the bus stop at the top end of town.

“Keeping just that one toilet open during the quiet winter period would be of great benefit to the town,” said Mayor, Cllr Cefin Evans.

It was also suggested the town council look into the possibility of installing a temporary toilet if the request was turned down, though it was felt that option could bring additional problems.

“If we were to install a portable toilet I think we would be asking for trouble,” said Cllr Jayne Ludgate. “Why cannot just that one toilet be open rather than all of them? There would be a lot less cleaning costs.”

Cllr Odette Little added: “I think we would get complaints about a portable toilet. Where would you put it? I think the traders would be up in arms.”

“What’s worse – a portable toilet or no toilet at all?” asked Cllr Evans.