DRIVERS speeding down Castle Street in Cardigan have raised fears that a pedestrian could be seriously hurt or killed.

The issue was raised at a meeting of Cardigan Town Council, with Cllr Catrin Miles saying: “I have had many complaints of speeding down here and it’s difficult to see a safe place for pedestrians to cross.

“When drivers leave the Ridgeway roundabout, they just continue at the same speed down the hill into the town but you are heading into a residential area.

“I would like to see signs between Ridgeway and the bridge and I have been invited to a meeting with residents in the area to see if there is anything we can do to resolve the problem. The children are now back at school and it is dangerous there.”

Cllr Sian Maehrlein said: “I think all residential estates should have a 20mph limit. There’s going to be a death before too long.”

Mayor of Cardigan Cllr John Adams-Lewis said he had heard of one Welsh Assembly Member who was keen to introduce 20mph speed limits in all towns and villages but added he did not know if this would get any further and also pointed out the difficulty of enforcement.

“I agree that 20mph is quick enough in the estates but have the police the resources to enforce it,” he said. “Drivers are going down Aberystwyth Road much quicker than 30mph and into Ferwig.”

The use of illuminated signs to draw the attention of drivers to their speed was one suggestion as being a way of combating the problem, though this is costly, along with the use of Community Speedwatch groups.

Cllr Clive Davies added: “Groups have been set up in Llechryd and Ferwig and they can record details of drivers who are speeding and the police can then send warning letters but you need about 10 people to be trained.”