VILLAGERS fighting to reopen their local pub as a community-led asset looked to have failed in their bid.

Residents in Boncath were hoping to buy the currently closed Boncath Inn and relaunch it at as a community-run pub but it now looks as though that dream has ended.

A final ‘take-it or leave it’ offer of £190,000 made to the building’s owners following a second public meeting has been rejected and campaign organisers feel that they have come to the end of the road.

“We made that final offer of £190,000 for the whole site but the owners were not willing to accept it,” said Kevin Davies, one of those behind the campaign.

“We thought that was fair as we would have needed to spend at least another £40,000 on getting the pub back up and running. We will leave that offer on the table but that is as far as it goes.

“It’s an historic pub going back many years and it would be a sad day if it were not to reopen as a pub in the future.”

The campaign had started back in November when more than 100 people packed into the community hall to discuss the project and a steering committee was set up, inspired by the success of the community-led buy-out of the Tafarn Sinc pub at Rosebush