THE UK Government has hoodwinked Parliament on giving MPs a so-called “meaningful vote” on Brexit, according to local MP Jonathan Edwards who says Article 50 must now be extended in response.

The House of Commons defeated the Government in October, passing an amendment to require what was branded as a “meaningful vote” in both the House of Lords and the House of Commons in order to implement the EU (Withdrawal) Bill.

Mr Edwards, MP for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr, says that the amendment was based on the UK Government’s position at the time – that the final deal would be negotiated in tandem with the transition deal, meaning the “meaningful vote” would be held when MPs and Peers would know exactly what they were voting for.

Since that vote, the final terms of the Brexit deal won’t be known until after the “meaningful vote” has been held, with negotiations continuing throughout the transition period.

Mr Edwards said: “The UK Parliament voted in October to have a meaningful vote on Brexit – that meant voting on the final deal.

“Instead the government has hoodwinked Parliament and moved the goalposts, making sure that the so-called ‘meaningful vote’ will take place before the final terms of the Brexit deal have been finalised, avoiding any sort of checks and balances on its actions.

“Proceeding with negotiations while outside the EU would give even more power to Brussels over the negotiations meaning an increased likelihood of a no-deal after the transition period.

“I was astonished to see the Labour front bench suggest they would support the deal, without knowing what it is.

“Taking back control surely meant having checks and balances on the decisions being taken by Governments. We cannot allow the UK Government to act with impunity.

“There must be a truly meaningful vote held in the UK Parliament on the final terms of the Brexit deal, and there should be a second layer of checks and balance by giving the national Parliaments of Wales and Scotland too.”