A PLAN by a Cardigan shop to train all its staff to use a defibrillator could be used as a template for other businesses in the town.

Butcher Tom Samways is looking to install a life-saving defib machine in his shop and train all his staff how to use it.

“This might provide a good incentive to get other shops in the town involved,” Cllr Steffan Morgan told a meeting of the town council.

“If something does happen, all shopkeepers can be trained in using the defibs and in first aid.”

Cllr Clive Davies said training is due to be provided in the near future by Welsh Hearts following the installation of new defibrillator machines at the Guildhall courtyard and Caerleon Pharmacy in Pendre.

He will make public the date once he knows.

Cllr Davies and his then Mayoress, Mrs Myra Davies, presented the two life-saving machines to the town from the Mayor’s Fund during his year in office (2016-17), with £2,000 raised towards their installation.