A YouTube channel set up by a Cardigan man concentrating on the weird and wonderful has reached its first million views.

The Wonderful World of Weirdness is a platform for all things paranormal, including ghosts, UFOs and all things weird and is the brainchild of John Clarke, from Blaenporth.

The channel had its humble origins back in May 2016 and is now a worldwide success. It was originally set up as a platform to share videos that were shared by people on Facebook.

However it was only in June 2016 when 52-year-old John made his first video and since then has never looked back and has partnered up with long-time childhood friend Julian Murphy, who lives in Carmarthen.

Julian is a musician and author and has now started writing the music for all the videos on the channel.

“I cannot believe how quickly it has all grown and never expected it to be such a success,” said John, who hit upon the idea while caring for his two-year-old child while his partner went back to work.

“I could not bear the idea of just sitting around all day so decided I had to do something. I had a bit of an interest in the paranormal but nothing other than that. I am not one of these paranormal investigators.

“I am self taught and just seem to have a knack of putting together videos that other people seem to like and to get to a million views so quickly is amazing.”

Following on the success of the You Tube channel, John and Julian have also now set up a website www.thewonderfulworldofweirdness.com which you can check out if you are a fan of anything weird and paranormal.

A free download of their single " I'm Weird and I Know It" is available.