Cardiff based Mercury Theatre Wales have created an immersive Christmas theatre experience production Anamnesis 25.12.

The production asks the question what does Christmas mean to you? Does it mean tradition, laughter, tinsel, turkey and Christmas pudding? Or is there another side to the festive period that prevents the season from being jolly?

This promenade theatre experience offers an alternative look at Christmas inspired by people’s real life stories developed by five established writers.

Four wonderful and contrasting Christmas stories are told by the characters, all linked by their circumstances on Christmas Day.

The pieces are funny, poignant, thrilling, frightening and moving with characters and stories with which the audience can identify.

The cast of Anamnesis 25.12. includes six experienced UK actors who all play number of characters and roles: Bethan Morgan (also Director), Daniel Rochford , David Prince, Francesca Goodridge, Judith Haley and Sam Harding.

Director of the production Bethan Morgan said: “The word 'Anamnesis' means both a patient's medical history and a recalling to memory. It's been an amazing journey working with an ensemble of writers and actors in a process of research and development to create a unique piece of theatre for people to enjoy as well as find relevant to their lives today. I know that audiences will really connect to this special Christmas experience.”

This production will be coming on tour to The Small World Theatre.

There will be pre concert entertainment from the community group the St. Dogmael's Singing Village.

Anamnesis 25.12 will be shown at The Small World Theatre on December 17 at 7.30pm.

Tickets will cost £10 for more information visit or call 01239 615952