PLANS to open an Aldi store in Newcastle Emlyn look set to be delayed as the application could up before a court.

Planning permission for the store was granted by Carmarthenshire County Council last August, subject to various conditions.

The application was made by Aldi Stores Limited and Newcastle Emlyn’s Castle Motors with one of Castle Motors’ building being moved for the store.

The site for the proposed Aldi store would be on Station Road in the town.

Since granting the application, a third party has launched a complaint and the application is now going through a legal review which could lead to a court case.

Carmarthenshire County Council executive board member for regeneration and leisure Cllr Meryl Gravell said: “A third party has lodged a legal challenge to our granting of planning permission. It hasn’t come to court yet.”

The site has previously been given planning permission for a Lidl to be built there but this never came to fruition.

A spokesman for Aldi said: “In regard to the plans for a new foodstore in Newcastle Emlyn, Aldi received planning permission from Carmarthenshire Council earlier this year.

“Following the granting of this permission, Aldi understands that a third party has now challenged this decision, which the council has regrettably decided not to contest.

“While Aldi is seeking legal advice on the current situation, it is also exploring the potential to implement the existing planning consent that exists for a smaller scale foodstore on the site. Ultimately, Aldi remains fully committed to delivering a new limited assortment discount foodstore to serve the needs of local residents.”

During the original application a formal consultation was held with public notices being erected around the proposed site area.

This resulted in 22 letters raising concerns against the store with an additional four written by the same person.

Concerns raised included the risk the new store would be detrimental to the footfall of shops in Newcastle Emlyn; risk closing down other shops with the loss of jobs, and a request to limit what Aldi could sell given ‘that there were too many supermarkets in the area with an existing Co-op, Spar and CK already’ and Newcastle Emlyn would be unable to support an additional superstore.

However, in comparison, some 189 letters were received that were in favour of the new store.