Cardigan woman, Stephanie Davies, has successfully helped complete Project Hiraeth which celebrates Wales’ Patagonian colony who first moved there 150 years ago.

Project Hiraeth looks at the documents and stories of the Welsh colony in Patagonia, Argentina and has been completed just in time for the 150th anniversary of the Welsh colony's voyage.

Last year Stephanie was looking for donations from local companies to help make the project a professional enterprise.

Thanks to the donations she spent two month in Patagonia last March and April where she spoke to the Welsh colony that are still going strong in Patagonia.

As a result of this and the efforts of others a website has been produced - - which has everything you need to know on the colonists from their original journey to the future generations still living there.

She got interviews, photographs and stories that had been passed down through generations from the Welsh community there.

Speaking about her experience in Patagonia, Stephanie said: “You wouldn’t find people speaking Welsh in the street but they have lots of welsh tea rooms and they make sure the language is still taught in school.

“It’s hard to explain but Patagonia felt more like Wales than Wales does.”

Stephanie made the trip to Patagonia and travelled Wales to get interviews from locals in both Welsh and English language, and create a better understanding of the Welsh colonists in Patagonia.

There were 153 Welshmen that made the original voyage to Patagonia all those years ago and Stephanie explained that she felt very privileged to speak with the ancestors of these people.

She added: “I hope for this project to be taught in schools because it’s amazing how strong the culture still is in Patagonia and it’s important that school children learn the history behind it.”

Stephanie explained that a lot of Welsh teachers go out to Patagonia to teach the language and that's one the reason why this Welsh colony on the other side of the world is still so strong along with the big sense of community the colony have.