Dear Editor,

Reading the piece in last week's Tivyside about Tai Ceredigions' AGM, I thought "Oh my God, he's done it again!" Mr. Steve Jones has once again blatantly discriminated and segregated the people of Maesglas. Earlier this year in an article he made clear that the residents of Maesglas were put into two categories; privately owned residents and rental tenants. Fair enough, but to say that only Tai Ceredigion tenants had the right to use the green space and play area is just not on.

Most of the privately owned houses are people that have been brought up on Maesglas estate and have gone on to buy their homes from the council. Only a quarter of the homes on the estate are rented. The play area and green space was there long before Mr. Jones appeared and residents in Maesglas, private and rental alike, and the surrounding areas have played together and used the green space for over 50 years. How dare he segregate a community like this.

How does Mr. Jones expect the community to use the green space and play area? Maybe a sign should be put up outside the park to tell children of privately owned homes to go and play somewhere else. I was brought up in Maesglas and my family still lives there, so I feel angry about someone telling me that I'm not allowed in the park I played in as a child.

Another question for Mr. Jones is if the tenants are paying for the play area in Maesglas, where is it and are they getting a rent rebate because there is no play area to use?

Gwyneth Morris


Aberystwyth Rd