Dear Editor

A hospital without a full time A&E and beds is a travesty of a hospital. The only way the yet to be ‘New Hospital’ in Cardigan would be an asset to the area is if it could save people travelling miles to Carmarthen or further, for treatments etc. If there are to be no beds or full time A and E why bother? Surely it is better for the elderly and seriously ill to be in a hospital ward with nursing care 24 hours, than carers to be driving all over the place to give ‘care at home’ which from what I have seen of it consists of 20 minutes a.m. and 20 minutes p.m. Leaving them alone for the rest of the day to fall out of bed or other accidents. Seriously ill and elderly being shunted off to distant hospitals, where friends and relatives cannot visit, feeling alone in a strange place far from home is not conducive to recovery. We are not all young and have cars and zoom all over the place to visit sick people. Cardigan Hospital has served the people well for years. It needs more services rather than less. There is already a Health Centre in Cardigan so if the ‘New Hospital’ is to be no more than a pimped up Health Centre, why bother???

M Trott