Local Ceredigion AM Elin Jones is backing a community campaign in Pontgarreg to secure the former school field as a community playground.

The school in Pontgarreg was closed due to the opening of the T. Llew Jones area school in nearby Brynhoffnant. The future of the school building and playing field is due to be decided shortly by Ceredigion Council.

Now, a group of local volunteers have formed a Committee with the aim to take over the former school field, in order to develop it as a playground and community resource.

Elin Jones, Plaid Cymru AM for Ceredigion, said,

“I’m really pleased that volunteers in Pontgarreg are working so hard to secure the future of the former school field. The field has been used for many years by the wider community, and there are exciting plans to look for funding to maintain and develop it.

“The field is right in the centre of the village, and is separate from the old school buildings and yard. The Committee don’t see a need to take over the building as there’s already a village hall in Pontgarreg, but the playing field would be a real community asset.

“I have taken up the issue with the Council, and I hope to see a positive response to the Committee’s campaign in the near future.”