This morning (Wednesday 12 March), Councillor Gethin James of Aberporth, who had announced earlier this week that he had joined the UK Independence Party, confirmed that he had resigned from the Independent Group on Ceredigion Council.

His change of political allegiance had already led to his dismissal from the council cabinet on Monday 10 March.

Ellen ap Gwynn, leader of Ceredigion Council, said today

“I welcome today’s announcement by Cllr Gethin James. It is clearly the honourable course of action to withdraw from the Group of independent councillors having declared his new political allegiance and his intention to stand for election to the National Assembly under his new colours.

“I thank Councillor James for his hard work and contribution while a member of the council cabinet.

“I have today spoken with Councillor Ray Quant, the leader of our coalition partners in the Independent Group, and invited him to nominate a new councillor to the post within the Ceredigion cabinet.

“I look forward to continue working together as a coalition for the good of Ceredigion. We face many challenges with the financial settlement in these times of austerity, and the aftermath of the storms that we faced in January and February. The Cabinet remains determined to pursue our agreed programme of work, to strive for the best possible public services for the people of this county.”

Alun Williams, Plaid Cymru councillor for Aberystwyth Bronglais ward, said

“Ukip stood no candidates at all in the last Ceredigion council election in 2012. It would be wrong for a party without any mandate from the people to be part of governing the council.”