Angry residents are planning a public protest against plans to develop a children’s playground.

Residents of Maesglas, Cardigan, and the surrounding areas have grouped together to form an action group opposing Tai Ceredigion’s proposals for the local play area, garages and green space.

Tai Ceredigion has submitted new plans for nine dwellings at Maesglas, and shocked locals by removing equipment from the play area earmarked for development last week.

The organisation says the equipment had been damaged by vandals, and its sudden removal was unconnected to the planning application.

The newly formed North Cardigan Action and Support Group is now seeking legal advice on the issue, and is calling for support for a silent protest to be held at the Guildhall, Cardigan, on Saturday, October 12, at 10.30am.

A spokesman for the group said: “All residents in Maesglas and surrounding areas were very upset about the proposed plans.

“The unfounded and unwarranted destruction of the children’s play area has devastated the local children as they now have no apparatus to play on.

“Football, cricket, dog walking and many other pastimes are still being participated in on the green space, but the children are missing their playground.”

Residents say there was no notification received about health and safety issues or vandalism before or after the playground was torn down, and this has angered residents who believe only minor repairs were needed.

The group is also calling on Ceredigion County Council to delay any decision regarding the proposed development, until the outcome of a claim for village green status at the site is finalised.