A Welsh Assembly planning inspector has thrown out an appeal against a Ceredigion County Council decision to refuse permission for twelve new houses just outside Llandysul.

The Development Control Committee vetoed the application on grounds that it was contrary to polices designed to protect the countryside.

The appeal by Daniel Thomas in regard to land at Pentir, Llyn Y Fran Road, Llandysul, was lodged under the Town and Country Planning Act.

The appellant argued that the site could not be regarded as extending into open countryside due to the presence of existing houses to the north and south.

After visiting the site Inspector Gwynedd P. Thomas stated that the houses were part of a scatter of dwellings on the side of the Llyn Y Fran Road.

He added that the appeal site was part of an open field within an area of largely undeveloped countryside.

After considering whether the arguments in support of the proposed development were sufficient to justify an exception to polices the Inspector concluded that they were not.