AS THE nearest British port to New York City, Fishguard was once on the fastest route across The Pond. Theatr Gwaun invites you to take a trip onboard a Transatlantic time ship back to a golden age of glamour, music and dance embodied in 1930's Broadway musicals.

Sensational dancers Lou Brockman and Heather Gehring are arriving direct from New York City and will be kicking off their Let's Face the Music and Dance tour with a date at Fishguard on May 18.

The pair often grace the stage at New York's Carnegie Hall as well as with Boardwalk Empire's Vince Giordano and have countless film and TV to their names including Disney's Enchanted and the Oprah Winfrey Show.

They are a favourite of the stars, receiving praise from the likes of Mel Brooks and Lisa Minelli who said of them:

"I haven't seen dancing like this since I watched my mother dancing with Fred Astaire in the movies".

Joining them on stage for a set of classics from the 20's and 30's performed at their very best, will be Tony Jacobs, accompanied by Jim Barry on piano.

Tony, who's a charismatic host and raconteur, has an extensive knowledge of the great American and British Songbooks, and brings this to all his concerts where he includes many fascinating anecdotes about the songwriters and performers of this glorious musical era.

The concert will take place at 8pm at Theatre Gwaun on May 18. Tickets cost £15 adults, £12 for senior citizens and FOTG and £8 for children. They are available from Theatr Gwaun's website or by phoning the theatre on 01348 873421.