Cyngor Cymuned Aberporth Community Council Page 1 (1) The September meeting of the above named community council was held at Aberporth Village Hall on Tuesday 14th September 2010 at 6:30pm. The Chairman, Cllr Gethin James presided.

Present: Cllr Jann Tucker, Cllr Richard Williams, Cllr Mike Rennolf, Cllr Helen Green, Cllr Anne McCreary, Cllr Colin Evans, Cllr Gwynfor Harries, Mrs Vanessa Owens, Mrs Sue Lewis and members of the public.

(2) Mrs Pattinson expressed her concerns about the parking of vehicles on the beach.

(3) Steve Morgans and John Wilmington from the Environment Agency attended the meeting to discuss community council concerns: Cllr Jann Tucker enquired about the water quality readings and the retention status of the blue flag; a weather waiver claim has been made for the heavy rain on the 21st July which affected all the beaches and if the readings are attributed in the same method as previous years then Aberporth will retain its Blue flag.

In July there had been a problem on a sewer line serving Plas estate which was blocked and had resulted in sewerage entering the stream and polluting the beach. The Environment Agency officers informed the meeting that this had been treated as a high priority and the spill had been stopped and the line cleared on the 9th July. A full report has been submitted to the legal department and they are looking towards enforcement action. Extra water quality readings had been taken and the bathing water did meet the quality. Measures are being put in place to avoid any reoccurrence; a camera survey has shown that the line is fully intact. Cllr Gethin James noted that the community council had been very concerned about the closure of the beach but was good to hear that it had not caused the loss of the Blue flag.

Cllr Gethin James asked if the agency were happy that local farmers were compliant. Steve Morgans responded that they are visiting farms and caravan sites to raise awareness of the importance of the Blue flag to the area, encourage compliance and provide guidance on waste. A recent mail shot of 200 properties in Parcllyn had been recently undertaken advising homeowners of appliance misconnections. The council were advised that the Aberporth area had received the bulk of the recent Environment Agency work.

Cllr Colin Evans asked about the responsibility of the council estate effluent plants. Cllr Gethin James responded that Ceredigion County Council have retained responsibility for the treatment plants and have plans to bring them all up to adoption standards. John Morgans informed the meeting that a lot of work has been done in this area to draw up a priority list and the process is now moving forward to Welsh Water and Ceredigion County Council surveying the sites. A three year program is being put in place.

Cllr Gethin James thanked the officers for attending and it was agreed that any future meetings can be arranged as required.

1. Apologies/Personal matters Ymddiheuriadau/Materion Personol (4) Apologies were received from Cllr Hywel Evans and Cllr Denfa Rees.

(5) Cllr Dai Ogilvie had been unable to attend the meeting and had tendered a letter of resignation to the community council. It was suggested that the Clerk contact Cllr Ogilvie with a view to him remaining as a councillor but taking a six months sabbatical.

2. To disclose personal and pecuniary interests in items of business listed below Datgelu diddordeb personol ac ariannol dan eitemau busnes sydd wedi eu rhestru isod (6) Cllr Colin Evans disclosed his interests relating to planning application A100532 3. Confirmation and signing of previous minutes Cadarnhau a llofnodi cofnodion y cyfarfod diwethaf (7) Cllr Richard Williams proposed that the minutes of the previous meeting be accepted as correct; this was seconded by Cllr Anne McCreary and passed unanimously. The minutes were signed accordingly 4. Financial business Busnes Ariannol (8) Items agreed for payment: £763.64 D E Owen £31.20 S V Owens £510.00 S V Owens £42.89 Swallow Office Supplies £129.25 SLCC £10.24 Cllr Richard Williams Signed__________________________________________________ Date___________________ Minutes Ref:16 Page 2 £1913.65 AON Insurance £89.10 Emyr Williams Photographer £681.50 T Duckworth £128.18 Keep Wales Tidy 5. Reports Addroddiadau Clerks Report/Adroddiad y Clerc (9) The To Do list was reviewed.

(10) Clerk has heard nothing further from Mr Cave regarding the barometer.

(11) National training dates from One Voice Wales have been provided; any councillors interested in attending training courses to please let the Clerk know. (12) The Clerk reported that Mr Dafydd Jones will be attending the October meeting for the presentation of a plaque in recognition of his work at the school.

(13) Draft proposals received had been received from the Local Government Boundary Commission. The existing provision for Aberporth is 1 County Councillor to1944 electorate and is proposed to remain the same. Total councillors throughout the County are presently 42 and the proposed is 37.

(14) A letter had been received from Ceredigion County Council advising of changes to the household waste collections; weekly food waste and recycling collection with fortnightly black bag collection. Cllr Gethin James explained in detail the proposed changes and the resulting improvement of recycling in the county as a whole.

(15) Invitation received from RAFA; Battle of Britain Service at St Cynwyls on 19th September at 6pm.

(16) An information request had been received from Mrs Maxine Thom, Almora for copies of the minutes and highways reports for last two years. Clerk has provided electronic copies back to May 2009.

(17) Information leaflets have been received regarding the Bobby van scheme; these have been provided to the Food Co-op.

(18) Clerk informed the meeting that Cllr Denfa Rees would be unable to attend the One Voice Wales conference due to ill health and offered his place to other members; no one was available to attend so Clerk will arrange to cancel and obtain a refund. It was agreed to send Cllr Rees a card.

Beaches/ Traethau Planning/Cynllunio (19) A100682 Erection of a stable block The Stables, Felinwynt A100526 Alterations & Extension Gwel y Don, Tresaith Rd A100588 Retention of works as built plot at Maes y Felin, Aberporth A100532 Erection of fence on border of pavement to enclose amenity space 22 Brynglas, Aberporth A100475 3 bedroom dormer bungalow Plot adj Penybryn, Parcllyn Approved – A100285 Alterations to rear balcony 5 Maes Afallon, Aberporth Approved – A100310 Erection of bungalow Dyffryn Farm, Aberporth Approved – A100375 Extension time for commencement of development Land adj to Ty Cornel Approved – A100371 2 storey extension Armora, Blaenannerch Approved – A100283 Erection 4dwellings Land Eastern side of Tanyreglwys Lane, Blaenporth The observations of the planning committee were noted.

Finance/Cyllid (20) Finance sheet was provided.

Signed__________________________________________________ Date_______________________ Minutes Ref:17 Page 3 Highways/Priffyrdd (21) Consultation document was received from Welsh Assembly Government regarding the A487 Trunk road, Blaenannerch 40mph Order: Cllr Mike Rennolf and Cllr Gethin James looked at the proposal and ensured that the junction/turning to Llwyncoed Rd was included. (22) Letters were received from the County Council regarding Bowls Road; one acknowledging receipt of the petition for a speed restriction and the other turning down the community councils request for an unsuitable for HGV sign and stating that they are unaware of any visibility problems at the junction.

(23) The proposed scheme for the Safe Routes in Communities footway from the roundabout to link with the existing Safe Route to School had been made publicly available at the village hall earlier that day. The drawings were made available to the Community Council and Cllr James highlighted that a priority traffic system was to be included where the road was not wide enough for two vehicles, provision of six new parking bays and from the hardware shop down widening of the road to allow for two way traffic, parking and a pavement.

Cllr Gethin James noted his concerns about residents reactions towards the scheme and their linking it with village hall proposals. Cllr Mike Rennolf agreed that he was disappointed with some of the comments and many people had attended to solely disagree with the scheme.

Cllr Jann Tucker enquired about the residents preference for a footway in New Road; it was reiterated that this is not possible as there is no land available.

Cllr June Allen asked about the position with the village hall and Cllr Gethin James explained that unless the village hall committee are able to establish some form of grant funding they will not be looking to progress any development and whilst the village hall are donating land to the project it is not linked with any planning application. Cllr Jann Tucker noted that the village hall and the community council had worked together to improve disabled facilities and access in the village and the provision of this footway would further enhance this.

Residents concerns about parking availability outside the village shop did not take into account that the existing traffic order for that piece of road prevents parking in this location; currently the yellow lines are not in place but once reinstated will restrict parking in this area. The first stage funding has been agreed and Cllr Tucker enquired how much would be achieved in this phase; Cllr James responded that it would be price dependant but would start from the bottom up. She asked about the completion of the Safe Route to School at the beach; Cllr James responded that this is tied to the hard standing project but will make enquiries if some resurfacing could be included in the second phase.

Councillors had no concerns on the proposed scheme and it was agreed that the community council are in support of the project. A letter is to be sent once the community council have had sight of the responses being collated by the county council.

(24) Consultation was received on the proposed 20mph speed limit on B4333from Penrhodyn to the roundabout. The proposal was supported; Cllr Mike Rennolf requested that the Clerk obtain confirmation that the double yellow lines will be included. It is hopeful that this scheme will be achieved in this financial year.

(25) A temporary road closure notice was received: Felin Rd, Aberporth 8am Sept 6th to 5pm Sept 20th (26) An email had been received from the county council as street naming authority consulting on naming a section of the B4333 Fordd Ymestyn and advising that none of the roundabouts in Ceredigion are named. It was agreed to request the naming of the road and withdraw the roundabout suggestion.

Streetlighting/Golau stryd (27) The lamp at Parcllyn is ongoing.

(28) Councillors noted lamps out.

Footpaths & Maintenance/Llwybrau Troed a Chynnal a Chadw Emergency Plan Committee/Pwyllgor Cynllun Argyfwng (29) Emergency plan has been brought upto date and the document is to be forwarded to Ceredigion County Council for approval. Looking towards recruiting and training volunteers; Aberporth Youth Club members will be doing basic first aid and food hygiene introduction by middle of November.

Signed___________________________________________________ Date_____________________ Minutes Ref:18 Page 4 Procedures Review Committee/Pwyllgor Adoygu Trefn Community Welcome Audit/Archwiliad Croeso Cymuned Tidy Towns/Trefi Taclus (30) Community council has been unable to secure bins for the coastal path from Rachel Mills due to the Tidy remit now being on providing recycling centres and not general waste bins. Clerk has spoken with Wendy Campion of Ceredigion County Council who informs her that their grass contractors are unwilling to undertake any further work on the coastal path due to the amount of dog mess. She has pushed for the Highways department to agree to the installation of a dog bin but the related cost is £2000 per annum; she is looking to secure the finance of this for a few years and is asking the community council to consider supporting financially. Cllr Gethin James felt that it was disappointing that the actions of some irresponsible dog owners must come back on costs to tax payers. Clerk to ask for a guidance figure on how much the community council would be expected to contribute.

(31) Tidy Town Wales have not approved the grant expenditure on the painting of the fence in the playground as part of Tidy Town week last year and are looking for repayment. This was agreed.

(32) Keep Wales Tidy Week is 20th -26thSept Food Co-operative Report/Adroddiad y Pwyllgor Bwyd Cydweithrol (33) Information received from Ceredigion Care & Repair offering to attend a meeting and provide a presentation; the Food Co-op might be an ideal location to provide information to residents.

Cllr Anne McCreary reported that figures had dropped off over the summer but are starting to pick up again. A Christmas savings club is being organised for the meat, this money is being passed weekly to Golwg y Mor. The co-op will be held on the Thursday prior to Christmas instead of the Tuesday that week. Need to price up purchasing some display units.

Chairmans Report/Adroddiad y Cadeirydd (34) Cllr James reported that he had been invited to judge the carnival entries and had a lovely evening. He had also been president of Aberporth Horticultural Show which had been well attended with fantastic products and crafts.

Committee Representative Reports/Adroddiadau Cynrychioliadol y Pwyllgor (35) Clerk to request a written report on the Tai Ceredigion visit to the housing estates from Cllr Dai Ogilvie.

(36) Cllr June Allen reported that the 150 years of Blaenporth School tea party had been magnificent and very well attended. The service in the evening had not been so well attended and whilst the Blaenporth choir had been excellent she had been disappointed that the present school children had not taken part. The book is to be released in conjunction with the actual anniversary in December.

Correspondence/Gohebiaeth (37) Letter advising Lyn Cadwallader has been appointed as new OVW Chief Exec The Voice Buy1 get 1 free offer on refurbished xmas lighting SLCC AGM Oct 16th in Durham Grant request from Dyslexia Wales Clerks & Councils Direct Play for Wales Noahs Ark Appeal Glasdon product information Information from No Need for Nuclear Email: Invitation to Environmental Wales Flood Awareness Event 16th Aug Invitation to Standards Conference Wales 2010 at Cardiff City Hall on 14th Oct Consultation: Interim consultation report on proposed Nant y Moch Wind Farm Local Gov Partnership Scheme Annual Report available on website Proposed Local Government Measure – information to be received from OVW Child Poverty Strategy for Wales & Delivery Plan Correspondence was noted.

Signed________________________________________________ Date_________________________ Minutes Ref: 19 Page 5 6. Review Diary Adolygu Dyddiadur 7. Notified Business Busnes a rag-hysbyswyd (38) The arranging of the sports grant presentation is to be deferred to the October as Ceredigion County Council has not yet released a list.

(39) Cllr Denfa Rees had brought a cracked tree in Felin Road to the attention of the Clerk but has been informed that all the trees in Felin Road are under a preservation order. Cllr Rees believes this order was removed. Cllr Gethin James to make enquiries.

8. Emergency Any Other Business Unrhyw Faterion Brys Arall 9. Date of next meeting Dyddiad y Cyfarfod Nesaf (40) Tuesday 12th October 2010 at 6:30pm (41) There being no further business the meeting was closed at 8:50pm.

Signed_________________________________________________ Date_____________________ Minutes Ref: 20