Cyngor Cymuned Aberporth Community Council Page1 (1) The November meeting of the above named community council was held at Aberporth Village Hall on Tuesday 9th November 2010 at 6:30pm. The Chairman, Cllr Gethin James, presided.

Present: Cllr Hywel Evans, Cllr Helen Green, Cllr Gwynfor Harries, Cllr Colin Evans, Cllr June Allen, Cllr Anne McCreary, Mrs Vanessa Owens and Mrs Sue Lewis(Tivyside).

1. Apologies/Personal matters Ymddiheuriadau/Materion Personol (2) Apologies were received from Cllr Jann Tucker, Cllr Richard Williams & Cllr Mike Rennolf (3) A letter of resignation has been received from Cllr Denfa Rees. Clerk has contacted Ceredigion County Council and advised them that the community council has 2 available seats and are needing to advertise them; notices to be displayed once received.

2. To disclose personal and pecuniary interests in items of business listed below Datgelu diddordeb personol ac ariannol dan eitemau busnes sydd wedi eu rhestru isod 3. Confirmation and signing of previous minutes Cadarnhau a llofnodi cofnodion y cyfarfod diwethaf (4) Cllr Colin Evans proposed that the minutes of the previous meeting be accepted as a true and accurate record; this was seconded by Cllr Gwynfor Harries and passed unanimously. The minutes were signed accordingly.

4. Financial business Busnes Ariannol (5) Items agreed for payment: £763.64 D E Owen £5381.03 D E Owen £27.74 Swallow Office £80.42 S V Owens £670.00 Clean Cut Gardens £25.00 One Voice Wales £210.00 S V Owens £ Spalding Plant & Bulb Co £50.00 The Poppy Appeal 5. Reports Addroddiadau Clerks Report/Adroddiad y Clerc (6) The council reviewed the To Do list: Was agreed to discuss a post office promotion with children delivering their letters to Santa; Clerk to contact Steve Jones, Sports Development Officer, regarding Welsh sports achievements; Cllr Colin Evans to contact Mr Tony Duckworth about moving the flag pole; agreed to leave weeds in paving at Dyffryn garden until the Spring; Clerk to contact Peter Matthys, Ceredigion County Council, about free bulbs; agreed to have a presentation for the retiring headmistress from Blaenporth school in the New Year.

(7) One Voice Wales are organising Planning Training Workshops; our area one is to be in Carmarthen on 19th Nov. £25 per person.

(8) Nuclear Free Local Authorities Welsh Forum Autumn Seminar in Council offices, Aberystwyth on 25th Nov at 10:30am.

(9) Request received from Cadwgan Trust for a letter of support for the Cardigan castle bid. Agreed to send a letter.

(10) Letter from Aberareon Magistrates Court providing information on Magistrates in the Community project. Offer to attend a meeting. It was agreed to contact the organisers and agree a date for March.

Signed_____________________________________________ Date________________ Minutes Ref:25 Page 2 (11) Letter received from Ceredigion County Council relating to representation at development control committee meetings being in place since 2005; the community council currently receive a hard copy of the agenda for these meetings. In reviewing their procedures have asked how the community council wishes to receive this information in the future; clerk has responded by receipt of link to County Council website instead of receiving a hardcopy.

(12) Letter received from Mr & Mrs Allan of Spar shop offering to display our minutes in their shop. Clerk to thank them for their offer but need to address the problems with the noticeboard and ensure that they are on display.

(13) Dyfed Powys Police Ceredigion Joint Community Consultative meeting 11th November 6:45pm at Council Chambers, Penmorfa, Aberaeron. Cllr Anne McCreary and Cllr Helen Green to attend.

Beaches/ Traethau (14) Cllr Jann Tucker had raised concerns over what appeared to be abandoned tractors on the beach and the safe route to school. Cllr James is to contact the owners of the offending vehicles and ask that they are moved. Cllr Gethin James reported that the County Council will remove them on our request.

(15) Clerk has spoken to Gareth Owen regarding the overgrowth on the bank at Dyffryn beach; agreed to trash back the top section to clear overgrowth out onto pavement. He has trashed back the area around the disabled access path onto Dolwen beach.

Planning/Cynllunio (16) The observations of the planning committee were noted: A100677 Erection of house & workshop Plot adjoining Frogs Hollow, Felinwynt A100524 Loft conversion & conservatory Craig y Mor, Aberpoth A100740 Erection of an extension 8 Lon yr Ysgol, Blaenporth Approved – A100588 Retention of works as built Plot at Maes y Felin, Aberporth Approved – A100740 Erection of an extension 8 Lon yr Ysgol, Blaenporth Approved – A100682 Erection of stable block The Stables, Felinwynt Finance/Cyllid (17) Finance sheet was provided Highways/Priffyrdd (18) The Safe Route in Communities proposals were discussed at cabinet on 9th November; the County Council have approved the scheme. Cllr Anne McCreary thanked Cllr Gethin James for all the work done in putting the proposal together.

Email received from Sharon Weeks, new owner of launderette premises, asking for information on the proposed footpath; referred to Cllr Gethin James.

(19) The petition from Bowls Road residents was discussed at cabinet on 9th November. The County Council agreed to accept the petition and monitor the problems; a decision will be made in line with budgets and Welsh Assembly Government guidelines.

Cllr June Allen reinforced the problems of vehicles damaging the tarmac area. Cllr Gethin James reported that there is a new enforcement officer in the County Council and he is in touch with him regarding this issue.

(20) A letter has been received from Mr & Mrs Hebblethwaite, Maes y Coed highlighting their concerns of Rhosygadair junction. Two vehicles travelling from Aberporth have driven straight across into their property demolishing their front wall in the last 3 months. He has made some traffic calming suggestions. Letter has been copied to Highways and the police. PC Alun Jones is intending to organise a meeting with Rachel Thomas and police road safety.

(21) Letter received from Ceredigion County Council to confirm that naming section of B4333 Ffordd Ymestyn is acceptable and after a 28 days consultation period from 25th October will be adopted unless any alternative proposals are received.

Signed_____________________________________________ Date__________________________ Minutes Ref:26 Page 3 Streetlighting/Golau stryd (22) Have received authorisation from Ceredigion County Council to install the lamp at Llanindelyn.

(23) Lamp outside youth club needs repairing.

Footpaths & Maintenance/Llwybrau Troed a Chynnal a Chadw (24) Gareth Owen has cleared back section adjacent to Glanmordy, was hoping to clear more but there were vehicles in the way which prevented him using a hedge cutter. Has cleared area at Dolwen beach which was growing over onto path. (25) Full information received on grade of sand for mini pitch. Waiting on quotes from playground providers; Cllr Gethin James to contact Penparc sand and gravel.

(26) Email recd from MOD – they are looking to obtain a copy of the agreement for the lease on the playground and advising us that due to cut backs they will no longer be cutting the grass for us. Clerk to provide copy of agreement.

Emergency Plan Committee/Pwyllgor Cynllun Argyfwng Procedures Review Committee/Pwyllgor Adoygu Trefn - Community Welcome Audit/Archwiliad Croeso Cymuned (27) Have received the relevant information from One Voice Wales regarding standing orders.

Tidy Towns/Trefi Taclus (28) Dai Ogilvie is ordering the daffodil bulbs; the Tidy Town group and youth club will plant them out.

Have spoken with Richard Thomas about entering the footpath project in Tidy Town Awards; am forwarding the completed form to him for his input.

Cllr Gethin James informed the meeting that the County Council replace their bulbs every year and the old bulbs are dug up and offered to the community; Clerk to contact peter Matthys.

Food Co-operative Report/Adroddiad y Pwyllgor Bwyd Cydweithrol (29) Cllr Anne McCreary reported that the sales were up. Enquiries had been made with the customers about changing the day but the majority preferred for it to remain on a Tuesday morning. The Xmas saving club has been successful and will start again in January. Committee to look into having the co-op market on the Thursday of Xmas week.

Clerk to contact the County Council and organise being able to provide a pick up point for biodegradable bags, green bags and recycling bags. An initial purchase was agreed by the Council.

Chairmans Report/Adroddiad y Cadeirydd Committee Representative Reports/Adroddiadau Cynrychioliadol y Pwyllgor (30) Due to concerns raised recently about public confusion between the village hall committee and community council and previous problems occurring with too many members being on both bodies Cllr Anne McCreary has offered to step down from the village hall committee to make an independent seat available and to become the community council representative instead of Cllr Ogilvie. This was approved.

(31) Cllr Helen Green reported on the County Council consultative meeting: There is no mechanism for any follow up on issues raised at this meeting.

The Bowls Road petition has been presented to cabinet.

The community council has powers to make bye-laws as long as statutory legislation is in place.

With regard to obtaining crown permission to regulate parking on the beach different rules apply to traders and the public and it is not possible. Disabled and pleasure vehicles can access the beach for dropping off and collecting.

Correspondence/Gohebiaeth (32) Ceredigion County Councils Dept Highways, Property & Works end of year report 2001-2010 Grant request from Home Start and offer to attend a meeting Grant request from Victim Support Wicksteed catalogue Signed____________________________________________________ Date_________________ Minutes Ref:27 Page 4 Clerks & Councils Direct The Clerk Grant request from Wales Air Ambulance and info on their Charity Xmas cards.

Email: November CCW External funding newsletter Consultation: Children & Families (Wales) Measure places duty on local authorities to provide sufficient play opportunities. Play Wales questionnaire for families to complete.

Community & Town Council Survey 2010 – completed Mid & West Wales Fire & Rescue Authority Annual Action Plan 2011/2012 6. Review Diary Adolygu Dyddiadur 7. Notified Business Busnes a rag-hysbyswyd (33) Cllr Anne McCreary requested that a letter be sent to the Ladies Fundraising Committee to congratulate and thank them for the successful fireworks display.

(34) Cllr Gwynfor Harries requested a post box at the end of Llwyncoed Road.

(35) Cllr Helen Green noted that there was broken glass left on the beach after the fireworks, Clerk to contact Mr Pritchard.

8. Emergency Any Other Business Unrhyw Faterion Brys Arall 9. Date of next meeting Dyddiad y Cyfarfod Nesaf (36) Tuesday 14th December 2010 at 6:30pm (37) There being no further business the meeting was closed at 8:30pm.

Signed________________________________________________________ Date___________________ Minutes Ref:28