The King George V Playing Field Association of Newcastle Emlyn is delighted to report that its annual Bonfire & Firework Extravaganza at the town’s castle ruins has netted another £900 in funds to be spent on the new playground.

The Association committee has also now received the £4,000 CAVS grant money it was awarded over the summer, meaning that the next piece of equipment, the Aeroskate, for older children can now be installed. This is expected to be installed by spring at the latest (see picture).

A high, robust ‘sports net’ is also planned for around the basketball/sports wall area, to prevent balls going into the sports club grounds, or into the car park, and to prevent children climbing over the existing fence and causing injury or damage.

The long-term future of the committee remains in jeopardy, however, due to dwindling numbers. The committee must have a minimum of eight official members, and there must be at least four members in attendance at every meeting. At the AGM in January, the committee is likely to lose three of its existing members, including the treasurer and secretary, due to other commitments. Unless new members join in the meantime, the Association may have to fold, threatening the future development of the park.

"The Playing Field is financed entirely by charitable donations," notes Sue Tabbitt, who joined the committee at the AGM in January 2008. "Neither the county council nor the Newcastle Emlyn town council contribute towards it, so it is down to us to do and pay for everything from insurance to litter picking."

It costs the committee around £3,000 a year just to keep the playing field ticking over, including insurance premiums, grass cutting, litter picking and refuse collection. Each time new equipment is installed, there is the cost of labour and safety matting, in addition to the equipment itself. The new Aeroskate equipment is costing over £6,500, while the new sports netting will cost over £2,000.

"It would be a great shame if we lost momentum now, so we are appealing for any passionate parents, or other committed community members, to come forward and join the committee," says Drikje Vingerhoet, the committee’s current chair.

Monthly meetings now take place at 8pm on the first Tuesday of every month at the Coopers Arms pub near CKs. All are welcome.

To contact the committee, call 07814 243054 or email: