The online petition opposing the granting of retrospective consent to Bettws Newydd, a very large and prominent replacement dwelling, just outside Newport Parrog Conservation Area, has been sent to The Chief Executive and to The Chairman of The Development Management Committee of the National Park.

Over 200 signatures were collected in just over 2 weeks. Paper versions of the petition continue to be available in local shops and the online petition will remain, collecting further support, to be sent to the National Park shortly before the Committee Meeting to decide the current application which seeks approval for the building already standing which has not been built according to the plan approved in 2006.

The supporters of the web site "hope this petition will bring home to the Development Management Committee just how strong the feeling is about this development"

Examples of comments received:- "Please urgently review the plans as the building is a total eyesore and we cannot believe this appalling situation has got this far."

"I cannot believe that this monstrous building has been allowed to be built in what was such a beautiful and sensitive place."

"I have been coming to this area 5 times a year for the last 24 years because I love the fact that it has remained unspoiled. I could not believe the size and sight of this building during construction and now it looks even worse."

"I saw it from the beach when it was being built and wondered how anyone would be allowed to put up a Walmart in such a lovely spot."

"If anyone has any doubts about signing this petition, go and have lunch at Newport Golf Club and see how this building impacts on this beautiful part of Pembrokeshire coastline - It stands out like a sore thumb and really questions who on earth are these people making the decisions and what sort of message its sending out for future property development in the area."

"A huge mistake has been made here. Who is man enough to stand up and rectify it?"