There was an abundance of excitement and top-notch potting during the early stages of the Jeff ‘Fly’ Jones 3s Memorial Trophy in the Cardigan & District Pool League.

Group winners: A, Darren Barker, Ceri Adams-Lewis, Geraint Evans (Rugby Club); B, Gary Lawrence, Peter Almond, Robert Furney (Red Lion); C, Alan Lewis, Rhydian Evans, Phillip Parsons (Rugby Cub); D, Robert Johnson, Kane Adams, Immy Delegiewicz (Lamb B); E, Reece Prowse, Michael King Jnr, Leyton Jones (Morlan); F, Barry Mathias, Mark Mathias, Carl Owen (Rugby Club); G, Christopher Truslove, Scott Davies, Richard Owen (Lamb A); H, Gary Murtagh, Lee Davies, Richard Eldridge (Lamb A)

8-ball clearances: Ceri Adams-Lewis; Peter Almond

The quarter finals on Tuesday, February 25 are as follows: A v B (Morlan); C v D (Rugby Club); E v F (Red Lion); G v H (Lamb)


Most singles: Gary Murtagh (Lamb A) 9; Lee Davies, Richard Eldridge (Lamb A), Rhydian Evans (Rugby Club) 8; Alan Lewis (Rugby Cub), Darren Barker (Rugby Club), Richard Owen (Lamb A) 7

Most doubles: Gary Murtagh, Alan Lewis 7; Dyf Allen (Red Lion), Scott Davies, Michael King Jnr, Richard Owen 6

Most 8-ball clearances: Lee Davies 4; Peter Almond, Scott Davies, Gary Murtagh 2