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The Premier League season may well have ended for the 2018/2019 season, with Manchester City being crowned once again. However, this doesn’t mean the fun needs to stop. Exclusive 2019 bonus codes are still available for sports bettors to enjoy. To discover these codes, simply click here and see what bonuses you are eligible to receive. 

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With the bonuses now being collected by all ahead of the Premier League season, the Premier League design teams have all been busy. Shirt designs are emerging ahead of the 2019/2020 season, and a few are standing out above the rest.

Top Designs Released

Great shirt designs are beneficial for any club. Of course, the best designs fulfil two specific criteria. Firstly, the fans want to buy them. Secondly, the players enjoy wearing them. Nobody wants to wear a terribly designed shirt, and fortunately for the fans of these clubs that doesn’t seem like it will be an issue.

Tottenham Home Kit

Tottenham have always liked to keep things simple with their kit in recent years. With a clean white design combined with 3 logos on the shirt, it’s simple as well as easy on the eye. The fans will have no apprehension towards buying these shirts, despite the recent Champions League defeat to Liverpool.

Watford Home Kit

Colourful and stylish. The Watford yellow has been blended with a menacing black covering half of the shirt. While the home kit ranks high in terms of the design, will their football follow suit? 

Manchester United Home Kit

If you can ignore the giant Chevrolet logo in the middle of the shirt, the rest of the design is slick. Manchester United's striking red colour with grey badge kit makes a modern and chic look. Will Ole’s men make great strides through the 2019/2020 season? Many fans are hopeful.

Newcastle United Home Kit

The Magpies are keeping things strictly Newcastle for upcoming season. A nice simple design featuring plenty of black and white, the 2019/2020 kit designed by Puma is sure to be a fan favourite. The other feature is an all-black back of the shirt. Fans may reserve judgment on the change by Puma, yet the blend of stripes on the front and plain black on the back makes for a stylish and fresh-looking shirt.

The 2019/2020 Premier League season will surely not disappoint. Roll on August and let us all witness the teams battle for another year.