Eight-ball clearances in pool leagues are applauded and a total clearance off the break is invariably greeted with special acclaim.

So it was little wonder that a quite amazing 11-ball clearance from the break brought gasps in the Cardigan & District League.

The record books are being rewritten after the sensational 11-baller was achieved by Gary Murtagh of Lamb A against Tyler Pickering of Commercial in the semi-final of the Captain’s Cup.

Leading 1-0 in the best of three games the left-handed cueist potted three yellow balls from the break, and then with an open table at his disposal sank all seven reds and the black.

In the other semi-final Darren Barker (Rugby Club) sprang a 2-0 win over Bill Alford of Bowling Club and will take on Murtagh in the final at the end of the season.