PROTECTING an “iconic” part of the National Park led to a call for a site visit before an application for a replacement house is decided.

Development management committee members agreed to visit a site overlooking Ceibwr Bay, Moylegrove, where an application has been submitted to demolish Pen Castell, and replace it with a new house.

Local member Cllr Mike James called the application in for discussion at committee and at Wednesday’s (June 9) meeting requested a site visit “to this iconic area” so members see the “detrimental impact” that could be made.

Nevern and Moylegrove Community Council “vehemently opposed” the plan calling it a “carbuncle in the making, an eyesore,” with “no other buildings similar to this new build in this significant and presently unspoilt landscape,” a report to committee states.

Senior planning officer Kate Attrill said that there had been a long bungalow building historically, previously as coastguard cottages and then more recently as a single dwelling.

There were concerns that the “proposed replacement dwelling is just off too large scale to not have a significant impact on the landscape

She added that there was also a need for a land stability assessment, which has been commissioned.

Members agreed to visit the site before discussing the application at a future meeting.