WALLY the wandering walrus is covering the miles on his tour of Europe.

Ireland, Pembrokeshire, Cornwall, France and Spain are now all on the marvellous marine mammal's passport.

As the Western Telegraph reported at the weekend, wonderful Wally has been entertaining in the ports of France and swimming strongly into Spanish waters by Bilbao.

And as a new photo shows, he has since swum around 40 miles west along the coast of northern Spain, and has been taking a break on a boat along the coast at Santander.

Spanish whale-watching company, Verballenas - whose weekend video of the walrus levering himself onto a pontoon has been delighting Wally-watchers - posted the new photograph.

Showing Wally making himself comfortable aboard a small vessel, the company said: "BREAKING NEWS... the Walrus Wally who appeared at Bilbao Superport last Friday morning is still in perfect condition and resting peacefully. It was seen this weekend in the wide waters of the Cantabrian Cornish."

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