AS the hit TV series ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get me out of here’ enters its final week, attentions turn to who will be crowned the first King or Queen of the Castle.

The popular show was forced to find a new location this year after the outbreak of coronavirus and producers settled on Gwrych Castle in north Wales for the 2020 edition.

It has had some great moments including Jordan’s trials, Ruthie’s and Russell’s pranks on the campmates and Shane and Jess’ drinking trial.

But where could the series be filmed if it were to be hosted in Pembrokeshire?

According to a recent survey of our readers, one of the more popular suggestions was Carew Castle.

Others included Manorbier Castle, St Catherine’s Island, Hubberston Fort and Pembroke Castle.

Carew Castle

Top of the list was Carew Castle. It was built at the end of the 11th century and Gerald De Windsor was constable of the Castle on behalf of Henry I.

It is steeped in history and is still owned by the Carew family.

The castle is also believed to be haunted so it be the perfect place to leave a bunch of celebrities feeling spooked by a ghostly sighting.

A ‘white lady’ who has been witnessed drifting from room to room and that of a Barbary ape. Carew Castle has been the venue for many paranormal investigations.

There are a number of rooms that could play host to 12 famous faces and the surrounding area and Tidal Mill could also be utilised for trials and challenges.

Manorbier Castle

Although it may not be as big as Carew, Manorbier Castle would be another excellent choice to host the ITV hit show.

With several different rooms and a nearby beach the castle would provide producers with a number of places to film trials.

The castle also has its history as it was used in conflict in the 13th century and its fighting gallery allowed only one attacker at a time, preventing the castle from being taken.

It’s open courtyard could be the perfect place for a group of celebrities to relax and unwind.

St Catherine’s Island

Another strong contender is St Catherine’s Island located just off Tenby.

The island fort was one of a number of coastal fortifications built around the country during the Napoleonic wars.

Work began in 1867 and the fort was completed 1870. The fort was sold in 1907 to a wealthy family who decorated several rooms.

Although the fort may be able to play host to 12 celebrities, the surrounding area may not lend itself to trials and challenges.

Hubberston Fort

Located on the west side of Milford Haven, Hubberston Fort is aGrade II Listed Building[1] which belongs to a series of forts built as part of the inner line of defence of the Haven.

It represented the last layer of defence before reaching the Royal Naval dockyard at Pembroke Dock.

Construction began in 1860 and was completed in 1863. It is a large battery, with eleven guns in casemates, eight in an open battery above, with another nine in an open flank battery, and a large barracks to the rear. It is a D-shaped structure, with a bomb-proof roof which protected the barracks and other buildings from mortar projectiles.

The barracks may have had capacity for 250 men, but whether it could host 12 celebrities remains to be seen.

Pembroke Castle

The birthplace of Henry VII could be another excellent place to host the hit show.

All the rooms of the castle are circular and the keep is nearly 80 ft high. It was the work of William Marshall, son in law of Strongbow, conqueror of Ireland and the man responsible for the wholesale reconstruction of the castle in stone in the late 12th/early 13th centuries.

Another absorbing feature of the castle is the gatehouse, which had a complex barbican and no fewer than three portcullises.

Pembroke Castle is also the only castle in Britain to be built over a natural cavern, a large cave known as the Wogan.

The castle and its surrounding area, including the cave, would lend itself to many trials and challenges and would be another good choice to host 12 famous faces.

Are there any castles or forts that we may have missed? Let us know in the comments.