A COMMUNITY bunting project that began in Fishguard is extending its reach up and down the railway lines of south west Wales.

The community bunting challenge began just before lockdown as a small group of volunteers from Transition Bro Gwaun's waste busting project planned to make a mile of bunting, recycled out of old clothes and bedding, to use during the town's Aberjazz festival.

When lockdown put a stop to the festival and to the volunteers meeting up, they continued wit the project and found it was a great way to keep their spirits up and to feel connected while in isolation. They hung it up outside their homes as a colourful symbol of resilience and hope.

The activity caught on as others joined in and new groups sprang up across the county, in Narberth, Killgetty and beyond. News travelled fast and soon even groups in Swansea joined in, linking up through online Facebook groups.

Volunteers gifted homemade bunting or made bunting making kits to give to neighbours so that all could take part.

Twelve weeks of lockdown saw Pembrokeshire alone make a combined mile of bunting.

As we came out of lockdown, volunteers gifted the bunting to celebrate the local High Streets and new found, re-connected support for all things local.

A spin off project has now been launched to celebrate all the wonderful positive things people have felt grateful and thankful for throughout lockdown, or have missed and longed for.

People from all over the world are now being asked to create one piece of bunting. No bigger than A4 to celebrate what they love about south west Wales, be it people, places, people or products.

Volunteers will join all the pieces up in a series of bunting art works that will be proudly hung in and around local train stations up and down the south west Wales Connected region.

Bunting pieces can be any shape and must be textile based. There's no need to buy anything as up-cycling is encouraged, however it must be textile based.

"The Love This Place Bunting Challenge symbolises what the Community Rail Partnership is all about," said project organiser, Becky Lloyd.

"It's about all of us, who we all are and where we live. It's about individuals, families, groups, community and businesses all interwoven and connected, each playing a part in the whole.

"It celebrates diversity and the rich tapestry of our culture, heritage, economy, society, environment and well-being.

"So come on. Stitch, sew, crochet, weave, felt, knit, applique, darn, sashiko, knot or macrame your piece of history."

All bunting pieces need to be sent to C/O 4theRegion CIC, Swansea Train Station, High Street, Swansea, SA1 1NU by November 1, 2020.