A DESPERATE appeal to help cover the costs of a dog which suffered horrendous injuries from a fall while on holiday in north Pembrokeshire with her family has been launched.

James Oswald, wife Suzie, son Noah, along with Beardie Collies, 13-year-old Missy and six-year-old Willow had been holidaying at Dinas, a family choice for decades, passing down the generations.

The idyllic holiday passed like any other until Monday, August 10, when Willow, Noah’s best friend, suffered awful injuries which could cost as much as £30,000 in vets bills.

“Somehow Willow managed to climb from a raised garden onto the rear roof of our rented holiday cottage we're staying in,” said James. “She must have then walked over the top of the roof, and one witness then saw her slide and fall 20ft down onto the road below.

“Instantly it was clear that Willow was not in a good way and had seriously damaged both of her front legs and jaw.

“Shocked and devastated we picked her up and rushed her to the local vets. They diagnosed that she had dislocated both front paws and one had pierced her skin, but they had managed to put them back in place.

“There was, however, serious ligament damage in both legs and she would need to see a specialist in Bristol and we were to take her straight there. We immediately set off on the three-and-a-half hour journey.

The family was informed Willow had dislocated both paws, and needs emergency corrective surgery to implant new man-made tendons to replace the ruptured ones in both leg/paw joints, estimated by the vet at £8,000 to £10,000.

If she has torn the tendons in more than one direction then both 'ankle' joints will need to be fused together, at a cost of £18,000.

There is the added complication that because she slit her skin, due to the dislocation, and her jaw hitting the floor, there is a high risk of infection to the new tendons and they may need to be taken out and the joints fused anyway.

This could lead to a total of £30,000-plus for both operations.

A gofundme online fundraiser has now been launched, with nearly £5,300 raised to date.

“Since the accident it's been a whirlwind of emotion for all of us and we were dreading having to break Noah's heart by telling him potentially devastating news about his best friend,” said James.

“The online community of friends, family and Beardie Collie and dog owners have all been amazingly supportive and it's humbling to see people's well wishes and support.

“The latest diagnosis from the vet after more scans is that they believe they will be able to rescue her joints where the fractures took place, and at the moment that means she will not need the joints fused together. They are going to have to reconstruct her ligaments using manmade 500lb twine, and are flying in two specialist casts that can be moulded to her legs.

“There is a realistic chance of infection from the open wounds where the dislocation to the right paw came through the skin and also to her mouth where she has fractures off the front of the bottom plate including her front lower teeth.

“This was removed along with the teeth. She is going to need further dental surgery to remove the remainder if the lower canine that snapped off when she hit the floor. They think it will take six to eight months to get over this the best she can.

“We are insured for whole of life cover for both our dogs, and pay a substantial amount each month, but nothing prepares you for the bills you face when something like this accident happens. The insurance payout is dwarfed by the potential fees the veterinary consultant has estimated.”

Any money left after Willow’s treatment will do donated to The Guide Dogs For The Blind and Bearded Collie Rescue.