CONTROVERSIAL Pembroke Dock councillor Paul Dowson has seen all complaints made against him rejected by the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales.

Cllr Dowson, who had earned the ire of some for his views over the recent illumination of County Hall for Black Lives Matter, feels the 14 complaints were made due to his “public opposition to PCC supporting black lives matter protests, which saw violent attacks on our police force and which also made a mockery of social distancing laws”.

The Haverfordwest headquarters were bathed in purple light on June 9, in memory of George Floyd, and in solidarity with the protests his death sparked around the world, following a proposal by Cllr Josh Beynon.

Cllr Dowson feels Cllr Beynon had called on people to "pile on the pressure" over his stance to the illuminations, and the Black Lives Matter protests.

Complaints against Cllr Beynon were recently dismissed.

Back in July, trade union Unison called on Pembrokeshire County Council to formally investigate Councillor Paul Dowson’s comments in relation to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Cllr Dowson has said he “received death threats and was harassed 24 hours a day, seven days a week for around a month” over his views.

He told the Western Telegraph: “I received a decision on the 14th complaint, which, like all the complaints that went before them, was dismissed with no further action.

“It has certainly been an eye-opener for me. I thought I had seen the best and worst of people throughout my lifetime. But I certainly wasn't prepared for the depths some people will stoop to in order to punish someone whose opinion isn't the same as theirs.

“Fanatical extremism is something we as a society have allowed to breed and prosper, we allow some of these people to weaponise the term ‘racist’ and we fear it.

“I have first-hand experience of this new wave of extremism, they won't silence me or bully me.

“The police have spent weeks auditing around 600 pages of evidence which I provided them to support a complaint I have made regarding harassment.

“All of this because I opposed a violent protest and some purple lights. I will continue to fight for common sense and respect. I will always call out the bullies.”