AROUND 500 facial visors have been produced and distributed to local key workers, thanks to a Letterston councillor and his army sergeant daughter-in-law.

Cllr Paul West and Sergeant Rebekah Anderson, a 14 Signal Regiment sergeant at Brawdy's Cawdor Barracks, have made and delivered the masks, free of charge, to local care workers, doctors' surgeries, Paul Sartori nurses and shop workers to name but a few.

Cllr West joined the council shortly after retiring to the village from Southend some 18 months ago.

"When Covid-19 fell upon us we wanted to do what ever we could to help," he said.

"My daughter-in-law and I came up with a system of printing face visors through a 3D printer. We started off with the intention to supply local doctors surgeries and Withybush

"We have produced more than 500 so far and demand overtook our production rates at one stage. Anyone who phoned up we have done all we can to support them."

Sgt Anderson found a pattern for the masks online and after a few tweaks began printing them on her 3D printer at home.

Cllr West then coordinated the distribution of the masks to those who needed them.

"As a local councillor I was trying to get things up and running to help those who needed it in the village."

The recipients of the visors have been very grateful, sending thank-you letters and e-mails thanking Cllr West and Sgt Anderson for helping ensure their, and their families', safety.

"The response has been good, very appreciative," said Cllr West. "But we didn't do it for that. We just wanted to do all we can to help our new community, it has proved to be very rewarding."