St David's Cathedral closed its doors to the public on Monday, saying that the volume of people visiting made it impossible to keep people safe from the coronavirus.

The cathedral announced that it was closing in an effort to support official policy to stop the virus spreading.

"We had hoped to keep the cathedral open for personal prayer - but visitor numbers are so high that we cannot fully ensure proper hygiene, for visitors or for staff," said a spokesman.

"We wish to support as fully as possible the government's efforts to suppress the virus.

Therefore, with great regret, we have taken the decision that we also must now close completely."

The spokesman said that the Offices - Morning and Evening Prayer - would continue to be said daily within the cathedral.

"If you wish us to pray for you specifically, please e-mail us through the website," said the spokesman.

The cathedral is currently exploring ways of bringing streamed worship or other events to you the public and will publicise this through its Facebook page.

"Meanwhile we will continue in our worship, and in our prayers for our Bishop, all entrusted to her care, and for God's wider world and all within it," said the spokesman.