Jeremy Corbyn finally got to Pembrokeshire this evening and was welcomed by a rapturous crowd on Castle Square, Haverfordwest.

The Labour leader has been in west Wales this afternoon drumming up support in the last days of election campaigning. Earlier this afternoon he appeared at a rally in Carmarthen.

Mr Corbyn was scheduled to attend two events in Haverfordwest; a rally in Castle Square and an indoor event at Withbush showground.

However, the Withybush event, which was sold out, was cancelled as Mr Corbyn ran two hours behind schedule.

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Instead, he addressed the anti-austerity rally on Castle Square; Corbyn 4 Christmas.

The Western Telegraph was hoping to speak with Mr Corbyn after the Welsh Labour Press Office said we were "booked in" to speak with him.

However, Mr Corbyn's personal press officer said "I have never spoken to you before in my life" and refused our request, saying the police wanted Mr Corbyn moved from the square.

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Welcoming him was Preseli Pembrokeshire Labour candidate, Philippa Thompson "I think it’s been really exciting and I know people have been waiting a bit longer then we were expected them to be but people were prepared to wait because they were so excited," she said. "It was a fantastic Pembrokeshire welcome for him.

"I think it was brilliant really and there were a lot of children brought with their parents.

"I see my job, if I’m fortunate to be elected, that we do deliver here in Preseli Pembrokeshire. It will be challenging but I will do my best and I will be welcoming him back here."

Other members of the large crowd on Castle Square were similarly positive about the visit.

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"Jeremy Corbyn is a total dreamboat," said Nell Blacklaw-Jones: He spoke very well and the young woman economist (Grace Blakely from the New Statesman) spoke very well. It was very good."

Kelly Kimberly added: "I feel like he explained his points and went through everything and answers the questions, going into detail."

"The welcome he had was amazing," said Paula Holt. "The press isn’t reflecting the turn out we got. The turnout was incredible.

"There is clear evidence of support. It obvious that Pembrokeshire will return a labour government this time."